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outdoor basketball court tiles

EZ COURT™ Sport Tile
This is our MOST popular indoor and outdoor game court sport tile, perforated and interlocking. The holes provide for water drainage and an air circulation which helps maintain dryness and minimizes heat radiation, especially on concrete floors. This is ideal for outdoor courts and roof top flooring applications. The Polypropylene (PP) for outdoor, PVC for indoors are interlocking plastic decking tiles designed to expand and contract when exposed to UV rays.

The sport tiles are flexible and will provide moderate anti-fatigue properties to your joints;consequently, will add additional play-time with less joint stress playing your favorite sport. Court tiles can be assembled by hand without tools.

Color tile options provide design choices for basketball key areas, the 10 foot line in volleyball or court divisions in tennis court and badminton courts.

  • 1’x1’ modules snap securely together with 16 latch locks per tile to form a continuous surface of any size.
  • Quick & easy installation on hard surfaces only because of heat expansions issues- Tiles need to slide on floor surface as temperature increases.
  • Available in solid Polypropylene with a Load Bearing Capacity: 25,000 lbs/sq. ft.
  • Outdoor or Indoor Use

aaPerforated & Textured for Secure
'Pivotable' Traction

aaRaised Mini-Pillars for Water Drainage (Bottom Side) tile border3-Level Tier Beveled Border. Scuff Resistant Black
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court tilesSwatches for Court Tiles for Outdoor and Indoor Sports-Court Tiles Colors PDF
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outdoor basketball court tile

Customer Scott of Arizona provided this photo of his outdoor basketball court.


Outdoor Sport Tiles for All Courts
outdoor basketball tile
SPORT DECKING TILES : Micro view of texture shows horizontal, vertical and diagonal traction lines for secure pivots, stops and turns. This texture has proven itself to be anti-slip and safer than other textures.

Water-proof tiles are designed for all sport. Court tiles are flexible, so to provide anti-fatigue features; are portable to provide EZ maintenance, recon figuration and portability for special events; and are replaceable for expansion or a change of venue. EZ COURT™ sport tiles add fun and excitement to your school, college, sport center or residence.

Some people move to live but I live to move. By James Maksimuk, Physical Educator


EZ COURT™ Sport Tiles

Sport Expansion Tiles

court tiles for all courts
Economy Sport Expansion Tile
(bottom view)

tile for courts
Sport Expansion Tile

  • 1’x1’ modules snap securely together with 32 latch locks per tile to form a continuous surface of any size.
  • Quick & easy installation on hard surfaces only because of heat expansions issues- Tiles need to slide on floor surface as temperature increases.
  • Available in solid Polypropylene with a static load rating of 16,000 lbs per sq. foot.
  • PVC options for a more softer walk, especially for bare feet.
  • Outdoor or Indoor Use
tile swatches

7 Color Options: White, Terra-cotta, Forest Green, Light Gray
Medium Blue, Black and Yellow
12x12 court tile
Economy Sport Expansion Tiles
Description Dimensions under 300 sq. ft. between 300 -1000 sq. ft. over 1000 sq. ft.
Solid Polypropylene Expansion Tile (outdoor use) 12" x 12" x 1/2" Black = $3.17
Color = $3.27
Black = $3.04
Color = $3.13
Black = $2.90
Color = $3.00
Flexible PVC Expansion Tile (in door use) 12" x 12" x 1/2" Black $2.66
Color =  $3.12
Black = $2.52
Color = $2.98
Black = $2.39
Color = $2.85
Ramped Edges- (Solid or Flexible)
Corners (Solid or Flexible)
12" x 1-3/4" x 1/2"
2-1/2" x 2-1/2"
 Black = $1.53
 Black = $0.98
Minimum Order: 100 sq. ft (100 Tiles)
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court tiles
Outdoor Plastic Basketball Court Tiles: Blue Sport Tiles with Beige Key and Borders

Outdoor Basketball Court Tiles
Our American made plastic interlocking basketball and volleyball court tiles are designed for outdoor and indoor basketball courts, tennis and volleyball courts and more~! Plastic sport tiles are interlocking, available in 22 colors, anti-fatigue, weather & UV resistant.
The easy snap together plastic outdoor tiles can be assembled without tools. Our American made interlocking sport flooring will meet the need of your favorite sport. Court tiles are quick to set up in a snap. Lock the pressure sensitive tabs into place without tools.
court tiles for basketball

Multi-purpose sport floor tiles for basketball courts, tennis, volleyball, badminton and more~!

plastic tiles for basketball courts

Over time surfaced courts will peel and decay. Plastic interlocking outdoor tiles can accommodate all sports.
Courts surfaced with EZ COURT™ sport tiles will add anti-fatigue and anti-slip features.

EZ COURT™ Sport Tile for home Blue Outdoor Basketball Court Tiles are Popular In Home Backyards.
Using RED borders will add safety to your sport area.

home use basketball court tiles
Purple basketball court tiles for home use.

outdoor tennis tile court Tennis Court Tilessport tiles

EZ COURT™ Sport Tile court tiles is popular for home-use and school tennis courts. This tile is perforated for water drainage and will dry out faster, especially needed during outdoor tournament play and scheduled physical education classes.

As well, though no outdoor sport surface tile is totally slip resistant-despite commercial claims- our outdoor sport surface flooring will provide moderate traction when wet and superior when dry. Ideal applications include flooring for outdoor basketball courts, volleyball, tennis, inline hockey, roller skates, etc. Sport tiles for backyard basketball court are Made in the USA.
Which ever your chosen sport you play we have a court tile for home use, commercial, church, gymnasium application, our American-made sport tiles will meet your court needs.

outdoor tennis court flooring

Dark Green is the Default Color
for Outdoor Tennis Courts

sport tiles for courts

Terra-cotta is the Default Color for
Back Screen and Side Screen Areas

dimensions of tennis court
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volleyball court tiles
Volleyball Court Tiles
Volleyball: Born in the USA.

tennis court tiles for outdoors
Sport Green Outdoor Tennis Court Tiles: Flexible & Full of Traction


multi-purpose sport tile
Multi-purpose sport floor tiles, for all courts: Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis Court and more~!

DESIGN OPTIONS : Court Tiles For Your Sport of Choice
The color options add a creative touch to the assembly process. Determining the best design choices will be a school, company or family decision: What color for the basketball, tennis or volleyball court? Which color will look cool for the key area? What color for the lines? Which color is best for the perimeter borders? Designer color are available. Below are 20 sport tiles color options are for all sport and courts:
Green Basketball Court
Basketball courts with evergreen surface, gray key area, red lines & gray border. Green is full or nature. Green court tiles is a very popular color for basketball and tennis courts.
Grey Basketball Court

Half-court basketball court with gray surface, dark blue key, white lines with red border.
Red borders act as a warning area. Gray's neutral color will less likely show dirt and shoe scuff marks. However, color gray is ho-hum to kids.
Blue Sport Surface
Blue surface with red key, black lines & border. Blue is gender neutral and calming color.
25X30 Basketball Court
A 25' x 30' Basketball Court consists of 750 tiles (750 sq. ft.)
A 50' x 100' Backyard Tennis Court consists of 5000 tiles (5000 sq. ft.)
multi-purpose court for sports
A 45' x 75' Multi-purpose court for volleyball, basketball badminton courts.

Shuffleboard Court Tiles

tiles for shuffleboard

shuffleboard court

court tiles for shuffleboard

A 52' x 10' Court tiles for shuffleboard court consists of 520 tiles (520 sq. ft.)

5 sports

EZ COURT™ Court Tiles For All Sports Will Pay for Themselves
Sport Surfaces Will Pay for Itself. If your school or church is entrepreneurial; your newly purchased sport tiles can help raise funds for sports and education. Perhaps your school or church can designate every Saturday night for skateboard, roller-blade and/or scooter day.
Design an obstacle course with orange cones, etc. include some music and charge admission per head. In a couple of months your investment for sport surface tiles will pay for itself. Another fund raising idea: Dance Night with Admission Street shoes are degrading for expensive wood gymnasium floors.
Plastic sport flooring for courts will protect your investment wood gym floors, raise funds and bring communities together. "A school or church that dances together stays together."
Basketball tournaments can raise funds. Charging admission for student or church attendees is poor public relations. However, admission can be charged to ‘outsiders,’ sport tournament participants and community organizations.
Rent your gymnasium floor for dances, bingo night, swap meets, boy and girl scouts organizations, etc. An investment in court tiles will generate income for other sports, your school or church.


tiles for basketball

Indoor Basketball Court Floor Tiles

Plastic Gymnasium Tiles
Gym Flex Tile is a smooth top, Polypropylene (PP) interlocking plastic tile. Indoor applications include: Basketball, Skateboard flooring, inline skating floors, dance floor , especially tap dance (vinyl dance floor rolls needed) Like all our court tile for sports, it's portable, low maintenance, free floating and easy to assemble and disassemble. The Gym Flex Tile is a plastic gymnasium floor tile for indoor basketball, volleyball, roller hockey, etc. Other applications include non-sports activities for recreation rooms, dens, man-caves, basement flooring, etc.

Progym Floor Tiles
GymFlex Floor Tiles

court tiles for volleyball

Interlocking tabs snap together and lock together without tools.
This is a secure locking design that will not disconnect under all sport activity.
GymFlex: Smooth Top, Interlocking Plastic Sport Tiles
Indoor Applications: Basketball, Volleyball, Gymnasiums,
Recreation Rooms, Multi-Use facilities, Inline/Ball Hockey

Common and popular colors are: royal blue, beige and silver. Design your indoor basketball court with your school colors. Basketball key area can be designed with a brighter colors than the court area while the border trim can be red for safety and warning purposes. Tiles Swatches

gym floor tile

Royal Blue Indoor Sport Tile for All Courts

Info Sheet for Indoor Court Tiles

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. We live in Los Angeles, California and would like to use the plastic tiles for an outdoor tennis count. The court is under trees. We are concerned that falling leaves will cause additional maintenance problems?
This will not cause a problem anymore than a sport floor without court tiles. The perforations on each sport tile- for all sports- will enable the outdoor tennis court tiles to be swept or hosed off. The holes are only 5/16 inch square small enough to minimize large debris from getting through the holes. As well, if they small pieces of leaves get through the holes they will be washed & flow away after they degrade and compost over a short time.

2. Our backyard has a floor drain that needs to be accessed for maintenance 4 times a year. Can we have access to this drain under the basketball court tiles?
Yes, maintenance can have access to the drain. You’ll have to disconnect approx. 12 tiles just above the drain and reconnect them after the maintenance job is complete.

3. My family has been playing outdoor volleyball on the grass for years in our backyard. We are well known in our community just outside of Dallas, TX for our volleyball court. The problem is the grass is slippery even when it’s not wet. Can we place your outdoor sport tiles on the grass and dirt in our backyard?
Yes, CWF Flooring, Inc’s., EZ COURT™ Pro can be used in this environment. However, grass will grow and sprout through the small holes in the court tiles. We recommend using grass killer under the court tiles. Sport activity can continue even if the tiles are wet; they are anti-slip.

4. Our property management company in condo in North San Francisco, CA would like to place water-proof plastic tiles around our jacuzzi and swimming pool area. Will the Home Court tiles suffice?
The Home Court, Flex I & II will be harsh on bare feet. We suggest the SoftFlex plastic decking tiles for boats docks walkways, swimming pool area, locker-rooms and shower rooms or anti-fatigue water drainage mats which are perforated rubber floor mats.

5. My sons and I have basement where we lift weights, etc. my daughter uses the same room for ballet. Can we use the sport tiles for dance and as a weight room.
No, sorry. The high impact polypropylene sport tiles can not withstand to dropping of heavy weights. You'll have to use rubber weight-room tiles for weights and the EZ COURT™ Flex as a dance floor or vinyl rolls for dance. The plastic sport tiles will have superior acoustics for tape dance.

6. Can the garage floor tiles be used outdoor?
Yes, absolutely. The garage tiles are UV resistant and will maintain it's color over sun-exposed time.

7. Our outdoor basketball court is divided by a walkway of peel and stick self adhesive carpet tiles? Can we place the perforated plastic tiles on the carpet?
We are not sure. Actually, we can't see a reason why you can't place the outdoor sport tile on carpet. You'll have to use your judgment. Just make sure there's no tripping hazard. The carpet may also provide an anti-fatigue feature.

8. Two years ago we ordered plastic court tiles from CWF Flooring. We would like to move theses indoor tiles and place them outdoors. Do you foresee any problems in doing so?
The indoor tiles are designed for indoor only and will crack if used outdoors. The outdoor EZ-Court sport tiles are made of polypropylene (PP) which have UV protective properties. Whereas, if you buy outdoor court tiles you may use them indoors.

9. What kind of tile do you recommend for a concrete outdoor tennis court?
Outdoor court tiles, EZ COURT™ made of polypropylene (PP), are appropriate for indoor or outdoor sports.

10. I’m a buyer for a city school districts in California. We have read the specifications for your outdoor sport tiles for tennis courts. What’s the psi for this tile?
16,000 psi. This is very strong and durable enough for a car to drive on the court. Sport activity generates substantially less than this at peak force. Our American made sport tile for all courts will accommodate any force a human can generate from any and all sport activity.

11. Before we proceed with one of the two estimates you emailed us I have a question. One estimate was for with the rubber sub floor. How much of a difference will the rubber sub floor make on the performance of the sport?
Frankly, the rubber underlayment under the court tiles /sport tile will not definitively enhance the performance level. We are not [blank] sport shoe company who make false claims. What the rubber sub floor under the court tile will do is prolong a high strenuous game because the stress on the joints will be reduced. We highly recommend the rubber sub floor-not to make a buck- but because it will prevent, rather minimize pre-mature wear n’ tear on the joints, especially the lower back. If the clientele is for both kids and adults this make it more of a necessity. Senior citizens will benefit the most. If the sport tiles are for a business based on membership / usage of the courts, then the rubber sub floor for the outdoor sport will be a good return of investment.

12. …your web site is a full of information but you did not convince me to buy the product…
CWF Flooring, Inc. is not sure what the question is. Let us guess the concern. We’ll answer the concern philosophically. Adding an outdoor court for your favorite sport will create a fun n’ healthy family environment, socialize your kids and bring a feeling of community to your neighborhood. If plastic sport tiles are used at your school, then it will enhance athletic prowess and increase school pride. In addition, the sport tiles will add safety to our court activities, protect joints and add anti-slip features to your courts. The opposite of buying video games for your kids is purchasing sport tiles for your favorite outdoor or indoor court. Recreational sport adds to the quality of life and CWF Flooring, Inc. will deliver this ☺ Health Matters!

13. Our family consists of two boys and two girls. The boys play volleyball and the girl play basketball. The question is: Can your sport tiles for outdoor courts accommodate both V-ball and B-ball?
Yes, absolutely. The footwear are similar for both basketball and volleyball; as well, both V-Ball and B-Ball involve pivoting on the ball of the feet. The point is, that the perforated sport tiles will not fully restrict pivoting. Air-time and it's ballistic landing requires an anti-fatigue court tiles with anti-slip features. CWF Flooring, Inc. sport tiles is designed to flex and absorb when landing. This will help minimize wear and tear on the joints.

14. Our apartment building in Los Angeles, California has an area 55ft. x 45ft. on concrete. How can we maximize this area for outdoor sports? If you want a basketball court, how many basketball court tiles do we need?
Your have enough space for a half court of basketball which is 42ft. x 50ft. or 2100 sq. ft. Indoor basketball court tiles are also 12" square. Call 1-661-273-8700 to get a shipping quote.

15. Our senior citizens at our retirement home are complaining about the pain they get from playing shuffleboard on our outdoor shuffleboard court. Will your tiles eliminate the pain of our sports minded seniors?
It will not eliminate pain. However, the shuffleboard tiles will provide moderate anti-fatigue features because the tiles do flex when stood on, jumped on or ran on. In addition, we don't sell sport shoes but purchasing high quality sport shoes is recommended.

16. We have a members of our HOA who want a badminton court for indoors. I don't even know the size of a badminton court. How much will this cost?
The size of a badminton court is 30ft. x 60ft. or 1800 sq. ft. @ $2.80 per sq. ft., totals $5040. This does not include shipping costs, FYI.

17. Can you drive or park cars on your outdoor basketball court tiles?
Yes, with a Tensile Yield Strength (ASTM D-638) 3200 psi, indeed you can drive or park a car and most vans and trucks on the multi-court sport tile.

18. How much does an outdoor basketball court cost?
If you use a high school basketball court of 84 x 50 feet, that's 4200 sq ft. x $3.00 a sq ft., the Manage will probably give you a discount for that size. Total without a manager discount is: $12600 without shipping costs. Labor if 'free' because it's a do-it-yourself sport tile court installation.

19.We have an old patio carpet tile that we want to replace with an outdoor basketball court. It's small approx. 25x35. The carpet tile is glued to the concrete and would be too laborious to remove. The question is, must we remove the self adhesive carpet tile before we loose lay the sport tile court?
If the carpet is relatively smooth we do not see a reason why you can't loose lay the plastic sport tiles on top of the concrete court. Depending on the carpet thickness and subfloor-if any- it may even even feel as your playing on an anti-fatigue surface. Please give us a call so we can discuss the matter, 1-661-273-8700 or 1-661-273-8701 or Text Us of photo of the subject area.

20. Since CWF Flooring, Inc. does not paint the lines on the basketball court tiles, can you recommend the paint to be used to paint the lines on the court?
The court lines can be painted with TopCoat for your favorite sport. Court lines can be a DIY project or hire a contractor.

21. We love the terra-cotta outdoor tiles. It matches our red brick wall in the back of our house. The questions is; can we use the outdoor sport tiles for patio flooring?
Indeed you can. The holes will drain water, the texture will provide anti-slip features and the strength can accommodate patio furniture or patio carpet tiles.

22. Can you place basketball court tile over grass?
Please give us a call to discuss the matter: 1-661-273-8700

23. Which sport tile is best for indoor roller hockey and inline skating?
The smooth top sport tile for indoors is recommended for both indoor roller hockey and inline skating? The interlocking plastic floor tiles for roller hockey and inline skating have a smooth-flat top surface which will add a smooth ride with minimal friction. This is engineered for indoor use only. Specifications: Roller Hockey Sport Tiles

24. Which sport can your outdoor sport tile accomondate?
CWF Flooring, Inc. sport tiles are engineered for all game courts and for every sport. Court tiles colors can be arranged to meet your personal backyard decor or match your school colors.

25. Do the sport tiles for outdoors have a texture ontop that will provide secure traction?
Yes, the unique tile texture will provide secure footing for all sport. Court tiles will also add an anti-fatigue feature due to its flexible construction.

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